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Arif Jemali | Rabu, Disember 21, 2011 |

Waiting the iPhone 4s delivered to your doorstep ?? Join here ! just join and wait for it :)
DIGI , is now here support to all APPLE fans !! =) Join DIGI , join iPhone4s !!! =) 
Always your smartest choice ! 

Before u satrt reading,get a look Apple -Introducing  Siri on iPhone 4s ;)
Introducing you SIRI on iPhone4s !! 

Siri and DiGi are your best companions.Why??Lemme tell you why.First,what is Siri?Siri is the intelligent personal assistant that helps you get things done just by asking.Siri isn’t like traditional voice recognition software that requires you to remember keywords and speak specific commands.Siri understands your natural speech, and it asks you questions if it needs more information to complete a task.Siri uses the processing power of the dual-core A5 chip in iPhone 4S, and it uses 3G and Wi-Fi networks to communicate rapidly with Apple’s data centers. So it can quickly understand what you say and what you’re asking for, then quickly return a response.All you have to do is ask.Cool isn't it?
Siri on iPhone 4S lets you use your voice to send messages etc. Ask Siri to do things just by talking the way you talk. Siri understands what you say, knows what you mean, and even talks back. Siri is so easy to use and does so much,you’ll keep finding more and more ways to use it.
Siri not only understands what you say, it knows what you mean.It figures out the right apps to use to find the right answer.Then, it just like a personal assistant, it answers you.Siri is your new own personal assistant.

Siri understands what you say.You can talk to Siri as you would talk as a person.A personal assistant.You leave reminders to your personal assistant like ''Remind me that I have a appointment with Dr.Khoo at 3pm'' etc..Now you can do the same with Siri.
Siri does what you say, finds the information you need, then answers you. It’s like you’re having a conversation with your iPhone.Siri not only understand but knowing what you mean too.It's smart and 
Siri is proactive,so it'll question you until it finds what you’re looking for.
Siri is really a good helper and best companions.Siri do the things you do every single day.You can a
sk Siri to text your buddies, remind you to call the doctor,or find directions, and it figures out which apps to use and who you’re talking about.It looks up where you live,where you work or study and where you are.Then it gives you information and the best options based on your current location.It knows your friends, family, boss, and coworkers from the details in your contact list.It knows exactly what you ask,what you mean and what to do.

Siri has so much to tell you.
When there’s something you need to do, just ask Siri to help you do it. Siri uses almost all the built-in apps on iPhone 4S. It writes and sends email messages and texts. It searches the web for anything you need to know. It plays the songs you want to hear. It gives you directions and shows you around. It places calls, schedules meetings, helps you remember, and wakes you up. In fact, ask Siri what it can do — it even speaks for itself.List of apps and services that Siri works with worldwide: 

  • Phone

    • FaceTime

  • Music

  • Mail

  • Messages

  • Calendar

  • Reminders

  • Notes

  • Contacts

  • Weather

  • Stocks

  • Web Search
  • Wikipedia search

    Find My Friends

  • Alarms, World Clock and Timer

  • Wolfram|Alpha(English only)

Anyone can be an iPhone 4S users.And iPhone 4S is really cool cause Siri is accessible to blind and visually impaired users.iPhone 4S takes dictation too!How about DIGI?Why DIGI is your best companions too?DiGi is a leading mobile communications company.DIGI provides a comprehensive range of affordable, convenient and easy to use wireless services to simplify and enrich the lives of its customers.They create value for our customers by selecting the most appropriate cutting edge technology so that they benefit from products and services that give them choice,convenience and control.Why DIGI?
- DIGI helps you to save more.More savings with DIGI without any conditions.
- DIGI helps you to stay close with your buddies
- You can enjoy the lowest rates
- You will enjoy the latest innovations
- You will get best rewards.
That's just part of the advantages of DIGI !
That's the point.DIGI understands what their customers want and there are no hidden fees with DIGI.
DIGI is always here whenever you need them,wherever you are!Anywhere,anytime.Good customer service.
With this,I bet SIRI and DIGI are the best companions for you and anyone.

DIGI is generously giving out an iPhone 4S.
 To get your hands on the iPhone 4s,this is what you will need to do; in separate blog posts tell us :
• Why is DiGi’s iPhone 4S plans the most affordable, with the title ‘DiGi iPhone 4SURE MOST AFFORDABLE’.
• Why do you want the iPhone 4S,with the title ‘DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME’. You can even submit a vlog for this one!
• What is the first thing you will do with the DiGi iPhone 4S with the title ‘DiGi iPhone 4SURE I DO 1ST’.
• Why Siri and DiGi are your best companions with the title ‘DiGi iPhone 4SURE SIRI ANSWERS’. 

All you need to do is complete TWO of the above challenges and you will be in the running to win an iPhone 4S! AND, you can submit each step as many times as you like! Do include the DiGi badge in your blog post.
To help you create the best blog posts please refer to the http://www.nuffnang.com.my/blog/2011/12/19/digi-iphone-4showdown/ . I believe that I deserve to win an iPhone 4S from DIGI.Anyone can be the lucky winners.Give it a try,Go

DiGi iPhone site here.Once you’re done blogging,do remember to insert the blog permalink on od Luck! ;) 

Even SIRI is not a person in front of you and chit-chat with you , but is in your phone . It can be your alarm , be your reminder , or be your " friend " . That's the best way when you are feeling bored on anything else or moody , you may talk to SIRI , it will give you some respond or suggestion =) Just like a person talking to you ! So , would you like to get one for your own ?? join DIGI , it will give you a chance and win for it ! I hope that i can get one , when i open my door , look at the floor . An iphone4s just in front my foot !! =) 
If i not get it,i knew that i still Child  13 years old cant get the new iPhone 4s from Digi.Just a hopeful to get it.Just pray n luck for me :(


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