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Send SMS to any number by using facebook

Arif Jemali | Ahad, Januari 01, 2012 |

There are lots of websites over the internet that offers freeSMS (Short Messaging Service) or even anonymous SMS services. But you will be amazed to know that your all time favourite Social Networking website Facebook  also offers free sms service. You can send free SMS all around the globe for free. There is a Facebook Application ChatSMS that provides this awesome feature. The limitation of this App is that you can send only 100 character long SMS.

How to Send Free SMS via Facebook:

19 How to Send Free SMS via Facebook
  • In the next window select the country and country code where you want to send the SMS.
  • In the Phone Number field give your Friends mobile number and in the SMS text field type your message that you want to send.
125 How to Send Free SMS via Facebook
  • After this click on Send SMS button and your SMS will be delivered within few seconds.
The sent message will contain the First name of your Facebook with your precious message.

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