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Hottest South Korea Girls

Arif Jemali | Sabtu, Februari 18, 2012 |

here are living some pretty smoking hot ladies in South Korea. Here are 10 of the most beautiful famous women from Korea.

Please be remind. Viewer discretion is advised.
Slightly Not Suitable or Safe For Work (NSFW), Not Work-Suitable or Safe (NWS), Not School-Suitable (NSS)

Kim-Hye-Soo - Actress, Model and tv show host in South Korea. Has been in movies since 1986.

Lee Hyo-Lee - Popular hip hop singer and an actress. Started as a singer in a K-pop girl group (Fin.K.L.), in 2003 she started her solo carreer.

Kim So-Yeon - Television actress in South Korea.

Kim Tae-Hee - Television and movie actress.

Song Hye-kyo - Model and actress

Shim Mina - Better known as just Mina. She is a singer and a dancer. She became famous at the Fifa World Cup 2002 in South Korea, she was crowned “Miss World Cup”. After this she signed a record contract and became a popular K-Pop singer.

Suh In-young (Elly) - Suh In-young is better known as Elly. She is a K-pop singer, model, dancer, tv host and actress in South Korea.

Lee Ji-Sun - Lee Ji-Sun was Miss Korea in 2007.

Eugene Kim - A singer, actress and a performer. Used to be in the female group SES who were popular in the late 90s and begin 00s.

Sung Hi Lee - Only lived in South Korea for 8 years, than moved to America. Soft core nude model actually. Was featured in Playboy magazine and appeared in a number of soft core movies.

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